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The Holy Day is upon us

Posted on: September 4, 2008 12:43 pm
Today marks one of the greatest days of the year, the start of football season, yet looking around on these message boards you would hardly know it.  Yeah, politics might be more interesting than baseball, but this is football we're talking about, the greatest spectator sport ever.

Starting today it becomes acceptable, no necessary, to spend all day Sunday, Monday night, and occasionally Thursday getting blind stinking drunk, gorging on wings and nachos, throwing things at your best friends and generally be an obnoxious a$$.  Gone are the hangover free Mondays and Tuesdays of yesteryear.  Truly, a great moment is upon us.

So pick up a beer, get a comfortable seat, switch off those obnoxious news channels and settle in for the long haul.  They say Christmas only comes once a year my friends, but for me its Christmas every Sunday for the next 22 weeks.

My thoughts on week 1

Giants - Redskins - The Giants pound the Skins is a glorious season opener (at least for Giants fans).  The Skins offense just isn't good enough to put up many points on the Giants defense, even without Osi. 

Lions - Falcons - The Lions take this one because....well do I really need to explain

Bengals - Ravens - With a rookie QB leading the way the Ravens won't score much, even against the Bengals "defense".  So can the Ravens D score more points than the Bengals offense?  Not a chance, Bengals take this one.

Seahawks - Bills - A Bills team on the rise takes out a Seahawks team with more injuries than I can bother to list.

Chiefs - Patriots - Patriots win because, well, their the Patriots and the Chiefs are the Chiefs.  Patriots come out looking to make a statement after the SB loss.

Rams - Eagles - McNabb is healthy (for now) and Westbrook may be the best overall back in the league, its too much for the Rams to contend with.

Jaguars - Titans - The Jags are a team on the rise, this year they really push Indy for the division.  The Titans...well does anyone else besides me think Vince Young is a terrible QB?  Titans have a solid defense and running game, but the Jags have all that and a good QB to boot.

Texans - Steelers - Call me crazy but I have a feeling the Texans pull this one out.  I find it hard to justify, but theres just this feeling in my gut.

Buccaneers - Saints - The Saints offense over powers the Bucs defense for an unspectacular game in a division where the teams will all mediocre us to death.

Jets - Dolphins - Even with Favre the Jets aren't that good, but their still better than the Dolphins.

Cardinals - 49ers - For years I've heard about how its the Cardinals time to take the division.  This is the year they do it with the Seahawks hurting.  They start the year off well with a strong win over the 49ers.

Panthers - Chargers - Jake Delhome healthy, what ever will the Chargers do?  Oh yeah, give the ball to LT and watch him beat down the Panthers whole team.  Chargers walk away with this one.

Bears - Colts - Look for a high scoring QB duel between Peyton and ..... never mind, Colts pound the Bears.

Packers - Vikings - Probably the most exciting week 1 game.  AP runs all over the place, the Vikings defense is too good for Rogers first start.

Broncos - Raiders - Broncos need a win to start the season.  Playing the Raiders is an easy way to get one.
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Posted on: September 4, 2008 2:04 pm

The Holy Day is upon us

Somehow I missed Cowboys - Browns

Cowboys take it pretty easily, the Browns aren't catching anyone by surprise this year and the Cowboys have too much talent on both sides of the ball for them to deal with.

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