Posted on: September 4, 2008 12:43 pm

The Holy Day is upon us

Today marks one of the greatest days of the year, the start of football season, yet looking around on these message boards you would hardly know it.  Yeah, politics might be more interesting than baseball, but this is football we're talking about, the greatest spectator sport ever.

Starting today it becomes acceptable, no necessary, to spend all day Sunday, Monday night, and occasionally Thursday getting blind stinking drunk, gorging on wings and nachos, throwing things at your best friends and generally be an obnoxious a$$.  Gone are the hangover free Mondays and Tuesdays of yesteryear.  Truly, a great moment is upon us.

So pick up a beer, get a comfortable seat, switch off those obnoxious news channels and settle in for the long haul.  They say Christmas only comes once a year my friends, but for me its Christmas every Sunday for the next 22 weeks.

My thoughts on week 1

Giants - Redskins - The Giants pound the Skins is a glorious season opener (at least for Giants fans).  The Skins offense just isn't good enough to put up many points on the Giants defense, even without Osi. 

Lions - Falcons - The Lions take this one because....well do I really need to explain

Bengals - Ravens - With a rookie QB leading the way the Ravens won't score much, even against the Bengals "defense".  So can the Ravens D score more points than the Bengals offense?  Not a chance, Bengals take this one.

Seahawks - Bills - A Bills team on the rise takes out a Seahawks team with more injuries than I can bother to list.

Chiefs - Patriots - Patriots win because, well, their the Patriots and the Chiefs are the Chiefs.  Patriots come out looking to make a statement after the SB loss.

Rams - Eagles - McNabb is healthy (for now) and Westbrook may be the best overall back in the league, its too much for the Rams to contend with.

Jaguars - Titans - The Jags are a team on the rise, this year they really push Indy for the division.  The Titans...well does anyone else besides me think Vince Young is a terrible QB?  Titans have a solid defense and running game, but the Jags have all that and a good QB to boot.

Texans - Steelers - Call me crazy but I have a feeling the Texans pull this one out.  I find it hard to justify, but theres just this feeling in my gut.

Buccaneers - Saints - The Saints offense over powers the Bucs defense for an unspectacular game in a division where the teams will all mediocre us to death.

Jets - Dolphins - Even with Favre the Jets aren't that good, but their still better than the Dolphins.

Cardinals - 49ers - For years I've heard about how its the Cardinals time to take the division.  This is the year they do it with the Seahawks hurting.  They start the year off well with a strong win over the 49ers.

Panthers - Chargers - Jake Delhome healthy, what ever will the Chargers do?  Oh yeah, give the ball to LT and watch him beat down the Panthers whole team.  Chargers walk away with this one.

Bears - Colts - Look for a high scoring QB duel between Peyton and ..... never mind, Colts pound the Bears.

Packers - Vikings - Probably the most exciting week 1 game.  AP runs all over the place, the Vikings defense is too good for Rogers first start.

Broncos - Raiders - Broncos need a win to start the season.  Playing the Raiders is an easy way to get one.
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Posted on: August 12, 2008 11:44 am

Things in Boston that don't make sense

This is a post dedicated to all the things that happen in Boston that just baffle the mind.

1. The perpetual road construction. They will rip up a road to repair it, leave it a mess for months without touching it and then suddenly repave it in one freaking night. Meanwhile they ruin a road to repair a sidewalk and then ruin that same sidewalk repairing the road. Now, instead of painted crosswalk lines in Kenmore square, they're putting in granite blocks and laying concrete bricks for crosswalks. I guess they want to have the nicest looking crosswalks they can, never mind that they've turned one of the most heavily trafficked places in the city into a complete sh!t show for the last 6 months.

2. Unnecessary bridges. Apparently somebody decided they needed to build a bridge going from one spot along the Charles River another spot on the same side about 100 feet away. Not to mention there is already a path there that is shorter than the bridge is (because the bridge has to bow out into the river). Also, its ugly as he!!.

3. Speaking of the Charles River, I saw some people fishing in it the other day. We're talking about a river that was is so polluted that until recently, if you took a cup of water from the river and dumped it back in you were technically dumping waste illegally into the river. Nothing lives in that river other than bacteria and disease. Fishing? Really?

4. Public transportation closes at 1, bars close at 2. Is it just me or is this asking for people to drive home drunk?

5. Traffic circles with stop lights. Trust me they're out there. Some even have another road passing through the middle.

6. No food at night. I dare you to try and get food after 3 am in Boston. Its impossible. Where are the 24 hour diners? Its mostly a college town do you know people are awake, drunk and hungry.

Thats all for now, I have to get back to work
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Posted on: August 7, 2008 10:40 am

Why does my head hurt so much?

No, its not because of a night of binge drinking.

Its because the morning after that night of binge drinking I wake up and see these headlines.

1.  Joba Chamberlain on the DL
2.  Favre traded to Jets

First Joba.  How many f*&#ing pitchers can the Yankees lose this season.  Its completely mind boggling.  Some higher power in the universe seems to not want to Yankees in the playoffs this year.

And Cashman, if your reading this, I once pitched a game in little league.  I'll be waiting for your call because god knows the pitching staff needs the help.

Now onto Favre.  All I can say is...really?  The Jets?

From Favre's point of view I have to wonder, does he really think the Jets will compete this year?  And does he really want to battle with the Patriots for the division title?  He could have gone to the Bucs, who are a better team and play in one of the most piss poor divisions in the league, virtually guaranteeing himself a playoff birth.

And the Jets...well I can't say I'm that surprised on their part, nothing they do makes much sense.

But again, really?

I need some advil
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Posted on: August 4, 2008 4:55 pm

Almost football season

My attempts at "time traveling" through heavy drinking have finally paid off as its almost football season.

Soon my stress free Sundays and hang over free Mondays will be a thing of the past.  Being in Boston I'll inevitably have to deal with all the "How wicked awesome will the Pats be this year" talk, only this year I'll be able to point smugly to my Giants jersey in response.

Unfortunately my Shockey jersey is now useless so probably need to get a new white jersey, maybe Tuck.

On a side note, quote of the *insert arbitrary length of time here*

From my friend while we were on the beach drinking beer and watching some other people dig a hole in the sand "Big deal, I dig myself into a hole every weekend and spend the rest of the week climbing out of it."
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